Sunday, November 15, 2009


Dancing words.
Songs suddenly burst.

Who taught sound?
Who taught me to see?
I can.

Joy of the sway,
The world is too frail,
To bare the strength of my gait.

Fair not better, in despondence,
Live your self, in enchantment.

No one can stop it,
Try holding on.
Yes you can be a glass,
A mirror and be cruel,
But memories wan across
Oceans-who can say
The world ends in sands?

Damn the skies.
Why do the stars infringe?
Repose, restrain, respect me.

Stop it already.
Why bind me with bonds?
Nature, natural?
Everything is so.

But doesn't one possess
the will of his stars?
Energies if unattended,
That tare apart?

Lay, lay, stay.
Thoughts can be too stark.
Infinite rhythm,
Clasp me, hold me,
Bare me.Quid Pro Quo.
Show me,

That the sylvan lodges
Are hollow- they hold
Visages of force,
That being bound,
In a mere state.

Inertia can seclude-
The skies withdraw,
The world is too far apart.

But me,
I am a tempest being.
I rage, I wage, I fight.
I can not hold beauty,
But play and see it.

For restrain is of the mind,
And walls are self defined.
The world is of words,
Which form into a verse,
And flow as to a tune,
That which renews.

For I is not mere me,
But everything that is me.
Screams and screechs,
Whistles and melee hoarse,
All fall into a course,
An ocean, an amalgamation,
That eases this frustration.

Words are arbitrary,
Can they be a storm's fury?

Peace oh! peace,
Do not beseech.
Kindness of for your kind,
Mercy, be sweet,
Stop your anixeity,
See, just listen,
Forget everything.

Carved or not, a pillar
Is a pillar, beauty can last,
But can it really evoke the past?    

Memories, they can't haunt.
Their spectrum runs amuck,
Affright, follies, friendship and family.

Age is timeless,
It is a mere caption,
To captivate and restrain.

Bless you, have fortitude,
Don't be blunt,
It might be dark, but can't
You see yourself ?

Spread yourself,
The world is one.
Let the verses talk,
Language cannot hold you apart-
A lass is a lass.

Love, yes again.
Love is not bonded,
It is that-
On which the world was founded.

Romantic, indeed.
Hold a red rose,
Write a poem.

But does your wit,
Match hers? Whose?
No one. Hallucination.

Wake up. Reality.
Boredom, vanity.

Where is your valour?
Lost, when I was an admirer.

It's that again.
Sparks. Ignited, ablaze.

The light shines the brightest

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