Tuesday, July 28, 2009

dear leaders

And the crowds are swayed again and again ,
The orators sing and shout -in pain.
Praises and curses crash like rain,
All they want is a petty gain.

Actors they are all.
And maybe this ‘all’ in the end is meant to fall-
Oh! a melancholic tragedy,
Maybe this a humourous ,a parody,

For some unseen Gods ,
Those sadist , those cynical Lords,
Who chain the men and tare them
Even as they call themselves gentlemen.

Oh! sire , we , who are thee?
We are gullible , you say we are free.
Our freedom seems to have made us insane,
Democracy in reality seems inane.

Oh! why not kill the survivors too?
Or why not kill our valor , with a blunt sword -through?
Between a sky and Earth we reside,
Your fiat whims we abide!

We are nobles and clowns,
Poets and warriors,
We live in towns,
Inside unseen barriers;

We see things far away,
We dream , we want and we pray.
We do give and say we gave
And petty things , we do save.

Yet you do override and destroy,
It must be fun to play with us, you do toy.
With unknown ways your try to burn us
And enjoy seeing us , making such a big fuss!

You do dare to throw a bit of glitter,
Watch someone who does seem fitter.
Yet with a thing called age,they witter
And then buried they are by the next winter.

They call thee a devil and a God,
In our dreams and imagination you do trod ,
In your name wars are fought,
In hope we survive flood and drought.

Whoever you are , you audience show your face,
Let us find comfort , let us know who does gaze.
In awe of ours skills , we do flatter,
Even if you nod cross and say it can be better.

And like a prop I lie dead,
waiting for the cue , after they are wed.
None I know, in my ignorance,
I bare it like a good man in penance.

Maybe I am a better hero,
Maybe I am fit to fight the gritty Leo.
But maybe I am fit for the audience,
For now I am filled with reverence.

Soon I hope a new sun might dawn,
Our despondence with that might be gone.
What is right and wrong,
What from all this will be born?

A country , a home,
Our spirits and heart , here do roam.
We do wish we can be a revolution,
A mark upon the never ending evolution.

Inspired by this post.
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