Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Worry works from within,
spoiling happiness with prickly questions.
A million ways to spoil our being-
a silent killer called worry,
affects our mind with
a hundreds of gray propositions.
deathly and hopeless
it tries to make you feel,
dejected and worthless,
it tries to chain your heel.

Hour and after you feel lost,
hour after hour the past,
just keeps coming apart.
Future it tries to steal
and life it tries to make
a ghost of,for real.
yet you know these are illusions,
which are your perception's delusions,
you know that it is bound to get better,
life is much more livelier.

Kill worry,
make your life your own.
When times passes
and people are gone,
what remains will be ,
what you have borne
and undergone
and finally how you survived
and how much you have revived
from the soil,
back into a tree, of time and age
and strength to strength,
the storms of the past
would be your memory,
but bright days of water
and sunshine will be
your gift ,to yourself,
forever,you can shine,
even if pests try to hurt,
you can be firm and curt
and stick to what is yours,
for life is to lived
and not spent hour after hour
behind blank gray masks.

Don't let worry,
have its way.
Be yourself
don't be afraid.
Be yourself,
don't think you will fail.
Just,be yourself,
not others or fake,
for your own sake.

the light shines the brightest
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