Monday, October 13, 2008

you are better than what the world feels

From teachers day
A sense of calm prevails.
Over come and joyous
delight filled-the light cools.
A sense of security,
a few moments of glory.
Truth,will shine,
and you are none but divine.
Your existence has worth,
and you know,that birth,
is a manifestation-demanded,
by a need and that your presence,
is to be felt.What you do,
is a representation of life
and as long as you trust the truth,
your way is right.
You think to exist,
to perceive,every sound,
sight and object.
You comprehend nature
and think on further,
to add a bit more.
You represent your thoughts
and your actions
are bigot to the light in which you trust.
For how much ever,
the world can drink,
the endless sea,has enough
to satisfy every possible wealth.
To preserve your knowledge,
the best way is to express-
to your self.Your thoughts
are the fuel,your body,the container,
and the world waits for you to be alive-
to become the light.Yet the inertia
of darkness prevails,so to wash
the shadow,you need belief,
that you are better than what the
world feels.In you is the light,
and you can become the strength,
for the nature of light,is to burn,
and your fuel shall learn,
of places and origin
and the knowledge filled within.

the light shines the brightest
From teachers day
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