Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Will last forever...

Finally life prevailed.
And destruction failed.
Truth survived the grey storm-
now there is nothing wrong.
Cool and white and black,
now life was out of the shack;
The water spread intimacy
and life was once more bubbly.
Nothing can stop the flame,
life and force are the same.
For in the truth's name,
there is a game,
that of keeping it unchanged.
The light shall never die,
for the skies are there to be flown.
And the winds shall be blown
forever,to carry the bright clouds,
over seas and lands,
bestowed with creation.
And there above all one shall stand,
the one who takes pride in the land
and the one who sees life,
beyond the horizon.
Forever,that life will survive,
for that is the soul-the life.
And high above the sky,
dwells the universe,
but everything follows one verse,
and that shall remain lush
and cause time to move fresh.
The waves shall break again
and the storm will come again
but the spirit lies in the water,
which will last forever.

the light shines the brightest
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