Saturday, September 27, 2008

rest in peace

And when the world laughs,
Who is there to cry?
When the world cries,
who is there to laugh?
When violence is the tongue,
and when justice is being hung,
who will ever dare to live life?
For some humbug virtue,
Something which has no value,
the human race,
tares its own face.
With nothing better to do,
a few beasts,of no virtue,
take justice into their hands-
justice being destruction,
creation returning to sands.
Who's right is this life?
None,but every one alive,
yet,those insecure animals,
in the name of God,
on God,throw Shod.

When did it all begin?
but whenever it did,
humanity became a misfit.
While ants build their hills
and birds their nests,
when the wild has its dens,
and underground holes,
we, another expression,
destroy their and now ours,in unison.
One devil,gave birth,
and one the world is too hurt,
for the progeny,
is the curse to humanity.
Though the curse is all alive,
and distinct,some just abide,
and let it use them without a fight.

When the world,expresses
itself in creation,we preach destruction.
Oh! whatever the God is,
in its name,you have dug graves,
and now in it you throw the world,
just another dead waste.
When life has lost its value,
what is the use,of respect to the dead,
when we destory our brothers
and sisters and their value,you scavenge,
what use is praying for them?
In our right,we were to be thinkers,
but some apple we bit,
that made our mind a misfit.
What is the use of sickle,
when you don't have seeds?
what is the use money,
when you steal and abduct?

Somewhere,in the universe,
destruction takes place-
to sow a seed of creation.
And on earth,i hope for the same
reason,destruction is taking place-
when we can't smile at our own face,
then we don't need this earth,
or an over blown idea of a superior race,
So to the universe,
let your destruction take place!
Oh! wonderful earth,
let something emerge,
long after we are gone,
that will give joy to you,
who was nature, when born,
but now made wan.
When humans are gone,
lighten up and then form,
a race,that will put a smile on your face.
a while,let humans dig their grave,
nothing will stop them,for that is their fame.
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