Monday, September 1, 2008

lost in thought

A million things to say,
but at the moment there seems to be no way.
The sky keeps changing,
my mind keeps thinking.
It seems draw into a meticulous chanting,
derived from profound meditating.
It is tough to see past perishing
it is tough to see a future existing.
The moment seems too grand,
it doesn't matter if this turns into sand.
Movements within are too compound,
so confusing it is that i am spell bound.
Hours go by and no sense of time,
class upon class,yet nothing but rimes,
flow through my head.
I might be alive or dead,
i might be green or red,
or i might just be in the wrong path led,
but nothing seems a bother,
for i keep forgetting for the better.
A few moments of happiness,
a few glimpses of sadness.
But neither sorrow nor happiness matter,
for finally everything is going to shatter.
The yellow sun,is making shades,
something is moving but it fades,
into the hundredth thought of the second.
Signals within me are being sent,but to send,
that i need to think for a moment,
about the days event,
seem too boring and mundane.
A few might say i am insane,
but who cares,i am just the same.
Fast action,and more confusion,
travel and few actions in deliberation.
Too lost to even think about writing,
too lost to even consider doodling.
Who cares about a tree?
who cares about being free?
No.What matters is peace,
and yes paneer and cheese.
What about assignments?
what about integrations?
and 2-1=1,
but well i can feel only one,
and that is me.
Though i cannot see,
i can feel within and plot
where i am being shot,
i can see my brain,ticking
as i am writing.
Lost in thought,
i try to find sense,but i fought?
Lost in thoughts,
lost in thoughts..
lost in thoughts...
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