Wednesday, September 3, 2008

dark east,bright west

From testing the sky
The last rays of the day,
light up the darkness
on the east.The moon,
shines like a badge,
on the single star sky.
lost,in the breath of beauty,
you define nothing,but yourself.
The sky is the sea,
the ground the shore,
you let the light touch you,
and relive the wave sensation.
Then as night creeps in,
you go realize where you had been
and you walk away filled,
with the lustrous evening.
On the morrow's morn,
a whole wide world,
shall come again,
but you know what it became.
Satisfied,you know you will,
you will live your life.
The dark east,shall be filled with light,
the bright west,shall be set aside,
at least for a while.
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