Friday, August 22, 2008

Once upon a time...

This is my 501st post :)

Once upon a time,
there was a thing called sea.
It was vast and wide as only I could be.
But one day humans decided that i needed to be bound,
for like other creatures on earth,it too hurt them dearly.
So they built towers as high as your eyes could see,
and sucked the water from the deep seas.
They left enough for ships to float
and for the water cycle to be upbeat
but the rest were stored for some other day.
Now the sea was a restless beast,
and it refused to accept faith,faithfully,
so it turned and rolled and waved,
as its nature was to roam and be roamed.
And man's nature was destruction,
so without any humility or consideration,
he found a way to make the stored sea die.
as it died,mourned by all other creatures spared by man,
it vowed vengeance,
and promised it would unleash an unknown evil menace.
Then man,having realized his folly,
Just said sorry!
But everything else on earth was angry
and the stars were told to kill humanity,
without any sort of partiality.
And so man had then to face the mighty stars,
in desperation he called the Gods,
who had by time been buried,
by the same man's insanity.
So with no one to save him,
he cried and cried till he made another sea.
The sea then forgave me and thus saved was humanity.
And till date whenever humans suffer,
they look up to the sea for help
and whenever he tries to exploit nature,
the sea restores his sanity.
So the sea,
keeps its waves going,
so that the wrath of man doesn't hurt others
and the wrath of others doesn't hurt man.
If we were to blow the sea away,
then we are digging our own grave.
So see the sea as something free
and holy,love it and speak to it,
but don't make it ugly.

The sea is not just water,it is earth's tears.
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