Sunday, August 17, 2008

A distant thought

A distant water,
a distant mountain,
a distant thought,
that is all remains.
It was,it was,does it exist?
A view forever carved
into you,eternal is the thought,
even if existence is mortal.
what caused it to exist?
what caused me to see it?
is there a connection,
is there is a incidence,
which will draw me to it?
What mystery does life have,
what will make me leave and dare?
I wonder when i will meet
the same thing,
in memory or in time?
someday ,i hope so,
i know it might be gone,
but before it does,
i will be.

A distant thought,
a photo draws the picture,
the mind feels the emotions,
yet it doesn't matter,
for it is just a distant thought,
nothing else,nothing more,
at least for now.
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