Friday, July 18, 2008

signs of life

water flows,
rain falls,
fire burns,
wind blows,
earth moves,
then if not for these
what else defines life?

ants save,
dogs smell,
birds sing,
mice run,
animals in general know,
so if not for these
what else defines intellegence?

Animals know balance,
they kill,those that need be.
Plants know balance,
and so they spread seeds
with others will,
if not for these,
what else defines obidence?

Earth keeps spinning,
the sun keeps breathing,
the sky keeps chaging,
the galaxies keep crawling,
the universe as a whole moves,
so if not for these,
what else is a sign of life?

opposites keep attracting,
likes keep repelling,
the weak keep dieing,
the strong keep surviving,
knowledge keeps appreciating,
so if not for this,
what else is the need for living?

Life is everywhere,
everything is moving,
in the inanimate there is life
and in the alive there is still,
since everything is what it is,
everything is and always will be
a sign of living.
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