Thursday, July 17, 2008

of love,beauty and freedom

Love,it is beautiful.
The heart warms to the love,
you push the gloom away
and your's shines, like the sun in may.
tears roll,not to cry,
it is an eternal joy,
a jocund memory,
it is itched into eternity,
as the one which set everything free.
In elation
you rise,rise
OH! you become wise!wise!
So wise that magic
is the reason for everything tragic,
that you enter the secrets
which you wish were your penance.
You learn a million things,
oh! wise one,
you crave for a million other!
You perceive a flower,
the time has been shrunk into an hour,
in the height you stand,
misery feels so low,
that you never want to bow!
Who cares about money?
Why life is just too lovely!
you forget your skin
and grow fins and wings
and everything just begins!
so fresh,that a flower
looks too old,
so old,that it is an antique beauty!-
oh!you age,
you magnanimity and knowledge,
I am humbled,
i fumble,i fume
then i laugh
for your joy is as mine,
mystic and magic,
the universal music!
song, oh! song
whose high notes
set free into us,
parley with the angle,
who met the devil
in the jungle,
the jungle of joy
the hungry everylasting
joyous joy,simplicity,
pacific peace,oh!
the one in lease is set free,
we are all from the same family tree.
In seven heaven,
ether seems too soft,
you burst with ale high laughter,
only ale less,you
fling your arms ,the key
to the door is opened!
You see the sky,
you dance the meadow,
you sing the rain,
even though it all seems insane.
Life no more is mundane,
there is no need to refrain,
go ahead,jump,
and savor you lover,
the earth and humanity!
between seas,
between weeds,
nothing seems,
to bite,everything gives you light!
You have fought your self,
and the death of your worst
half,resulted in the half mast,
but now burst on,you bubble,
the air shall carry you,
sail on threw,
go down history,
for love is beautiful!
Love all,
and tell a prayer,
you are the savior ,
you dared to love,
for that our love,
even though we ululate you,
we will remember you,
our true love,
love on,sail on,
see you at the sea,
when our hull's meet,
we will drink for humanity
and what we have in common,
love and insanity!
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