Saturday, July 5, 2008


Gone are the days of contemplation
and thinking out the right equation.
Rushing,reckless and rusting; no retrospection
to think out what caused self-annihilation.
Modernization,the right of every modern nation,
also the lock of self suppression.

Is it our fault,that we hate ourselves?
Is it our fault that we no longer feel that brethren
is the best way for a civilization to show togetherness?
Why is it our (the so called modern children) fault,
that a lot of us end in depression?
Why as a race we have progressed,
but when we see the world,we get depressed.

depressed at the sight of life's
value being quantified.
Depressed because we have no time
to sit and think,for as quick as wink,
the world wants us to swim or sink.
Why what do we have for 'I'?
and do i have for 'we'?

Fights,quarrels,aggression and humiliation.
Why on one side we are preached,
and the other side we are ordered,
now neither path seems greener,
for the truly green path is the
less beaten one.Why time has been
made faster and we all last longer.

No time to love and give respect.
No time to take love and respect.
No time to understand.
No time to explain,just don't be a pain,
get things done-haste is not vain.
Try anything else,
you are branded from hell-insane.

Why modern religion all preach war,
all of them put love and humans far
apart.Why a few sing in praise
of a good God,but a few more,
sing praise of self-proclaimed
creatures-exploitation,the essence
of modernization.

Why being modern means so much more,
have your fire and cook,
have your oven and bake,
why get out and have more sake,
but cut out the fake,
unneeded airy waves,
too much of it will kill the race.

change your clothes.
It doesn't mean cover up more.
All i ask is do as you really wish.
be yourself and understand the
pasts wish and the futures
desire to be rich-not in terms of money,
but in happiness and unity.

Sing your song-
not someone else's lament.
Why you too are a human.
It is your tale which is important
and it is for your betterment.
Unless you are right,
the world will never be.

Build a factory,
let it not destroy one for another.
Build it with stones which suit you
and remember that you can
have only what is yours.
Your factor
should rewrite history.

Make your own way.
Dare,dare and dare,
cleave your path
and fill your wants,
but remember to remember
those who were and those
who are.For to dare is to see.

Let modernization be,
a new rebirth,
a renaissance,
one which will have the best-
of the past,present and the future.
Dynamic is our need,
and the food needs to be made ready.
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