Wednesday, May 14, 2008

power of questions

when on a path,
a light leads,
the origin of the light,
is unknown yet known.

to know the origin,
we need to ask-
once asked ,one
tries to understand his light.

even if it leads to a fight,
to internal strife,the power,
which leads will restore the might,
which a person has in his faith.

for the question to come,
it takes a long time,
for it is inspired by
experience and obedience.

obedience to the spirit of rebellion,
obedience to the spirit of
experience of the soul,
experience of the body.

the purpose of a question,
is not to hasten
but to tighten
one's trust in self-light.

the pilgrimage has crossroads,
it also has friends and foes,
each an angel or devil,
propose questions.

once a question is done with,
the answer's spirit,
gives strength and valour
and belief in the path.
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