Saturday, May 17, 2008

an impulse

an impulse lifted his mood,
an impulse made him lift the hood,
an impulse made him less crude,
an impulse made him more shrewd.

from no where,a lost creature,
found its light,when precariously,
doodling in a rhetoric melancholy;
from deep inside-a gift from nature.

as time ticked by ,
the piece grew longer,
it was the one which made him stronger,
a lost turtle found the sea light.

slowly each word was scribbled,
slowly as he realized,
that he was no more what he had been,
but something special and unseen.

a new strength rose in him,
inspiration, he drank and in it he swam,
a new reality was formed,
in which he wouldn't be harmed.

he threw his old shell,
he bid his old life farewell,
he forgave all those who had been cruel,
he added to his life a purpose,more fuel.

what destiny might hold,i do not know,
but the impulse which sowed and will sow,
inspiration and life into me,
is something beyond me.

if not for the impulse,
where will i be?
if not for that impulse,
what will i be?

from a frail being in an armor,
through which light was dim,
an impulse broke the shackles;
it was the best of all miracles.

let the gut -destiny
lead me to infinity.
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