Wednesday, May 21, 2008

humanity at stake

where is word ‘human’?
is it lost among the dread
and the xenophobic hate?
my eyes couldn’t stand
the mere visuals,
let alone if i were there,
being burnt to ashes,
like some cow dung fuel.
is the world a sane place?
is this the reality,
we all need face?
it is not about being
from a country,
we are in times of A village ,
and yet the hate for each other,
seems nothing but raw cruel.
in the world we all exist,
is it right to think of
a creature sitting up
and pulling the strings
of his mortal sketches?
i cannot but be shattered,
at what i saw,even
though i sat in front
of a screen,safely tucked
a thousand miles away.
if i were to think
of the land,where now
people are being burnt,
what comes to me
is just too gruesome.
while this might be
another drop in suffering,
unlike in other places
where it isn’t about races,
here it is about pure hate,
is this what we can all fate?
what can i do?
a thousand miles away?
nothing.i feel ashamed
for this inhuman race.
why burn another one alive,
why is that what is life
is worth? what oh! are you humans,
are you all the people of earth?

this is my reaction to the slide show posted by Sanity found in her blog.I have not even edited it,nor re-read it.I am in utter disgust of being a human.

If you really what to see what it is all about here is the slide show.It shows the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa.Humanity? i think I haven't read enough about.i am just sick about this.
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