Tuesday, May 13, 2008

break the walls!

the world is beautiful,
with peace as the tool,
take a look and you know
life is cool!

break down the walls,
which left you in mazes,
break down the walls,
which created dark phases.

let your mind ponder what it needs,
but take a few moments and a peek
at life and its many view,
clearer, becomes what you seek.

there is a single force,
it is your only dose,
it is what you chose,
from it you rose.

acceptance brings rebellion,
rebellion brings inoculation,
inoculation brings fulfilment,
fulfilment brings achievement.

once there are no walls,
you are free,
you can catch a breeze
or just lay about and ease,
but there is need,
which you need to fulfill,
the reason force of being,
the pinnacle of truth,
an action,which adds
a code to the decoded universe.

keep your path,
let it lead,
in the end,
you will succeed .
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