Monday, May 19, 2008

about love

who holds love as their work,
who can ever own love,even quark
smaller?the infinite energy
which blows through universe,
is a veracious power,which
falls to the maya of love.
illusion covers the love,
which is present as a venom
in all,the progenies of the infinity.
the transformation one faces,
when hit by a arrow,
one which sends phantasmagoria
of euphoria and nostalgia,
is an illusion which turns real.
when lost in a sea,you become
a sojourn treasure,even if
you are a manifestation of
ever-infinity.while the self
seeks infinity,the hate-love,
love-hate of light illusive
penetrates one and draws
one into the mystic love.
if not for love,if not
for ecstasy,there will never be
a race,but only a single face.
yet love is the power
we all need,for its energy,
which shows pain and threads
us to mortal relations is
the pinnacle suit for realisation,
as mortal duties are experience
which are needed for renouncement.

love is constant,
love is infinite,
all of us own it,
none of us own it,
something owns it,
all of us are everything,
all of us are something,
all of us are nothing,
in the end it began
in infinity
and shall rest in infinity.
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