Sunday, April 20, 2008

let us hope

our intelligence
has lead to a lot of negligence.
we created god,
we created a devil.
we created evil,
we created sin,
we created a virtue,
which apply only to a few.
fear became the tool,
dissect and inject
pain,just to hail
that we are better.

as the race becomes older
and shrewder,
we inherit a world
spoilt because of our need.
we thought just to survive
but once we knew we were alive,
we joined together
and decided to make things better-
for us by killing
all that looked threating.

we still search for reality,
all we understand is we belong to humanity,
where animosity
still rules by popularity.
false virtues
are spread like
houses on a dry river bed.
the real truth
though in abundance seems
useless like
water all around.

what is the solution?
is the intellect we got
through evolution
causing an inhibition?
will we in the name of god
cause our own destruction?

what if tomorrow the earth blew?
will we live through,
or will something new
take over the land which we threw
on and littered on?

the long buried seed
has now started to grow.
what it is we will know
once it becomes a tree,
until then we have to feed
it and control our human
temper.lets hope
that we threw the right seed,
to create the earth tree.
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