Monday, April 7, 2008

from the roof top

living in the city means you don't get to see sunsets or sunrises because of the concrete environment .but still you can see the crimson evening skies ,if you are the type who bothers climbing to the terrace (since i live in a residential area there are no A/Cs sending out heat in the evening,so its pretty cool to go up to terrace).I usually go up and watch the sky till it becomes dark.Even though it's tranquility isn't the same as watching a sunset at the beach or a place with a very low skyline,it still has some effect.The sky- whatever happens,whether stormy ,clear or cloudy always seems to be calm in its approach,similar to one who has accepted his/her part in the universe.When ever i am feeling depressed or down in the dumps,the sky always helps to come back into terms with myself.

a blanket of emotions-
never seem to perturb
you the tranquil beast.
every moment i see you,
it a feast.
words can never drape
an image,
for light is something too animate.
for all eternity ,you
have been through
infinite ways and
yet remained the same.
Your tales
are the once which surface,
when i am enraged.

sky-tales keep coming.
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