Wednesday, March 5, 2008

for democracy's sake

democracy is the greatest
hypocrisy.we are all deemed
to follow what some populous
beings flaunt.democracy
is where no rights exist.
democracy is where,
humanity has failed to
see where it could be.
if only it was democracy
as democracy should be,
where every voice is as
sweet as it can be.

the laws of laissez faire,
where everything is fair,
should be unbiased.
discrimination is the humiliation
which in humanity has become
a sensation.the phenomenon
of survival and cycle of death
and life are a part of existence.
discrimination is a part-where
we fail to reach a moral
equilibrium,where we fail
to see what if it was me.

race or kind,
is not we should care.
all of us are rare.
we all should share,
and bare,
with each other,
for existence to live forever.
though it might seem,
like a dream-improbable,
it is left to us to
make it possible.
all voice together,
will not be audible,
in turn it might be possible.
no one can bare
dictation nor humiliation.
the solution is to remunerate,
each persons stake,
by love or hate,
as per their part
played to make,
for everyone's sake.
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