Tuesday, March 11, 2008

decorations and destiny

decoration for the mind,
behind makeups we hide.
thoughts which never
entered, now cycle
inside,to bother us,
oh! what we chide.

day by day,
hour by hour,
the earth goes on,
the world goes on,
the humanity steps,
we humans step,
into a reality,
which is beyond legibility.

day and night,
sight and blind,
clear and misty,
hot and cold,
wishes and remorse,
a day we try
to find where our
fores went stray.
together we think
what we can make,
while sunshines bright-
baking and wishing
but never reaching
and still fighting,
decorated and hiding.

united or divided,
culled or hailed,
it is in our hands
to face and
save our race,
before it was said,
but we never wed.
its time now
to sow,
or there will be
no one to row,
and no future show.

destiny is not premeditated,
but incidence upon incidence
slated by us as we go,
threaded as we flow,
it is left to us to row
and be the show,
or something low.
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