Friday, February 29, 2008

to earth-the need for unity

equality is what we preach,
yet inequality we never impeach.
human rights are what we need,
yet we are ready to feed-
on those without the basic need.
which caste or creed,
is not a weed
to the nations' need,
but an olive to the political trend.

laws are meant to be broken-
not for helping mend,
but to send animal and human
to the demon.
money is thicker than blood,
oil is thicker than blood,
who cares about flood
except those who have suffered?

earth is our home,
all we did till now is sing an ode.
we created a fallacy-the code
of conduct,for we have forgotten,
the nature's allocation.
goods are for sale,
captalise and you will be hailed.
it all started with the rail,
since then we have failed,
to see what we have cleaved.

we are all in a mess
the earth has become restless.
in the remaining moments
of consciousness,
we need to envisage,
then encourage,
then manage,
a way to redeem
for our planet's sake.

you and me are not just
you and me,but somebody.
there is no space for nobody,
the world is and will be
because of everybody.
first we need to sort
the differences among us-
it doesn't matter where you live
someone has to give
or nothing might live.
we cannot do anything till,
we stop our urge to kill
and try to fill
earth, with our will,
all that we need to
give back.and things
which we made it lack.
this should be our last attack,
this is for the future life
of animals and plant life.

the saga will go on,
we write the chronicles -
on and on.
but one day everything will be gone,
we will realize something went wrong,
that will be too long,
and we all will be gone,
everything forgotten,
the sands of time,
will move on,
earth will be something,
which once belonged
to the milky way.
some other will see our last ray.
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