Thursday, February 14, 2008

if not now maybe never

in need for unity,
trying to forget animosity.
in need for comradeship
and love beyond friendship-
in the land of a billions,
the land which showed resilience-
to the empire which never set.
the land which did not rest
now has forgotten what is the best.
we are in search of a leader,
who is not a wager -
who will not gamble
with our preamble.
we built our land
with sweat in our hand,
now we fight our kind,
we have almost lost our mind,
we are in search of a leader,
who is a peace-maker.
all we ask for is one among
all in the throng
to rise and fight
be wise and protect our right.
we all are looking-searching
for one human being.
unity is something we never won,
though we import petrol-a million ton.
brotherhood is something bubble,
the US is ready to give us missile.
language has become our barrier,
KFC and Mc have hit our carrier.
we all are ready to pick a side,
we slaughter animals for their hide.
to ourselves we have lied,
chevy and ford have become our ride.
there are many filthy rich,
poor earn selling fish.
few indulge in champagne
others end up in political campaign.
we have left no one,
soon there shall be no son,
one-who will call this land home,
we all will then be left to moan.
brands have become world wide,
we will have no place to hide,
guns and barriers forged again,
everyone will have nothing but pain,
our homes will all be boo-thank you nuke,
if you have survived it is by fluke,
music will never be the same again,
we all will wonder why this bane-
on the brink of sanity,
unless we forget enimity,
we all shall die,
before we know why.
all we need is unity,
and we need a personality,
why not you ,
why not me,
are we to afraid
and counting fate?
this can be the last sing-song,
very few have done wrong,
there are lots with cloths torn,
while others have borne,
what a few have thrown.
We need a unity,
forget your eccentricity,
we have in our blood,
one common mud.
together we can rise and defend,
it maybe our last chance to mend.
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