Monday, January 28, 2008

india through lenses

india through the lenses
across times ages.
ruling the showbiz
and remembering our wiz.
mathematical was ramunja
and our great ruler was asoka.
more. is birla,
and beer is mallya.
we serve tea in a lotta
and most of us will be motta.

once we lived under akbar,
then under britisher ,
now we have the cricketer,
in future we will not have any pauper.
all our banks have locker,
and we will prove to the economic shocker.

we all will say tata to war
and drive away in a tata car.
we will relay through barthi,
invade through ambani
and dance through Madhuri.
Mittal will make more steel,
india's strenght is our wheel.
we will not kneel,
for we feel,
we know the right deal.

eating na parle,
kabadi hum khale re!
50-50 tasty,
20-20 we proved we are gritty.
we all feel pitty
for the nations that aren't witty.
we all know how to have looty,
we will dance to our own shruti,
for it is our party.

from the north to the south,
from the east to the west,
the mountains,the seas,
the forests will help us
flourish and become the best.
birds will build their nests,
animals can rest
when the sun dips west.

Buddha got light at gaya,
we believe in the theory of maya,
and bathe in Allahabadh at kumbhamela.
non-cooperation ended at churi chora,
frescos are at ajantha.
though we don't dance salsa,
In chennai we do jalsa.
our heart is in agra,
the world will look at us-india,
the land of ancient thought and idea.

though most are padipsu,
our interst is also there in sportsu.
sanai smashes aceu!
naraian na raceu,
shreeshant nale paceu,
Anand na chessu,
in all we can amazeu.
for future we have talents who promisu!

Our land is our religion,
India is our passion,
together we can help in the creation,
of peace
and help in the mitigation,
of violence and aggression.
peace is our mantra,
unity is our goal,
poverty will be a dream,
happiness will be our theme.

When in depression-
we turn to things which gave us salvation,
things which are based on discretion
our roots,our culture which will-
see the greatest amalgamation,
in the future will cause the greatest revolution.
the land of more than a billion
will do the herculean.

India- a name which inspires,
a name which nationalizes,
a name which dominates,
a name which Induces,
the symbol of alacrity,
a name which we salute
and which we will unmute,
through our flute,
the power of youth.
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