Thursday, November 22, 2007


in this world of everything,
there is something-nothing.
Nothing ever lasts forever,
it is all not true-never.
Everyday you wish
and dream of rich.
You think the sky holds
something better,worlds
ahead seem better,
but there is nothing forever-
never.We see stars and a star,
the single light
and a white light.
The world is never calm
it all is in a palm.
The tools,
the arms,
of fear to dear
makes the world wearier.
If we can cuddle fear
and see everything in the clear,
we can see there is something
in everything that is nothing.

If we can feel the heart
and the crying mouth,
we will know that there is something
beyond everything
and something which makes feel
and try to lead in the reel,
Till we face and deal,
there we see real,
there is nothing forever.

If we see ourself in the wind,
if let go of everything and void
we reach the something
it is the nothing.
Make a merry day,
everything has something to say,
it something so close
and something so kind,It rose
from deep within,from the something
which is nothing.

Why see which?
why see what?
Why say the worlds hot?
why say life?
why say death?
why can't we just let go of debt?
Why the fear?
why the pain?
why can't be more insane?
Insanity is the heart of every kind,
we are the mankind.

Never is there a word nothing,
for nothing is something.
Something is nothing.
If see into the nothingness
and forget closeness,
if we try to let go
and be free, the row
of earth shall pass,
for there is nothing,
for nothing is something.
You and i are nothing
for we are something.
If void is to void-
we have a greater void.
If there is no void-
the we are something not void!

Live fast
for we will last!
we can be more,
we can be the door,
we can open the world
to the world
of nothing,
the something.

See yourself,
there is nothing.
see for yourself
there is something
Never be afraid
be the raid!
raid fear
of its dear
the palm.
it will make a calm.
put the world of silence
and nothing.Tolerance
is something more tame,
yet it will be the one to blame!
be yourself,
be more self.
Go insane,
and never be mundane!
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