Thursday, December 6, 2007


from the heights
of the skies,
there you pour,the torrent.
Rising across humanity,
putting down- down all the
smoke,there you rise and cool
,high and wide.From the
deep seas,to the far mountains
,to the driest desert,you feel. rain.
Hitting you ,slapping you,
the guilty one.Yet you enjoy,
the coolness and the serenade.

with joy i enjoy.
I love the air,
and i feel the dare-
to venture and lend
myself to earth,
like rain.I wish to be
lighter like the rain,
i wish to see the sky,
like rain.I wish to be
admired and awed
like rain.I wish
to see all eyes,
calmly waiting for me
to stop.i wish like rain,
I will travel far.
Once it cooled earth,
It now warms our heart.
The sound,the gaggle,
babble,the doodle.
Never frugal,
nor indulging,
across earth -the
earth it equates itself.
Who the tyrant?
none.but mountains
and man.While one
stands high and rules.
The other leaps by
bounds ,to vapourise
the vapours.The drive
to be free,up and above,
is too great.the rain flows
through you and me.
It washes our thoughts
and gives it to the ocean,
from who's winds it
appears like the revived
messiah.The traveler,
the solace seeker,
the merchant,
the unscrupulous-
all free themselves
to hear the celebration,
the rebirth,the arrival
of a cooler spirits,out
and in,which jovially
sprinkles thoughts
and arts ,through which
indulge the brave
and venture to far
lands beyond any yonder
ocean.Foreseen are tales.
Pre-seen is history.
Water remains the voice.
The waves,the sea,
they tell the world
the tales.In them i try to
hear-through their music,
which constantly plays.

every drop which falls on
the window,is a drop
which causes a leap.
The fuel,the drink
of eternity,which
has kept the human race
at pace.Evolution-time
is immortal.Rain is by far
not mortal.Let us dissolve
our ways which have put
nature at bay and have erupted
the way.Let us be rain,
and sprinkle joy and put
a smile.let us wash
all that is not needed
and let us fuel the growth of
all that is needed.

To hatch we need ,
and to drown we need.
It is time to read
or we will lose the seed.
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