Friday, October 19, 2007

a dream

ninety lives from night,
ninety moons to the night.
from the leagues of the sea,
from the depths of the sun,
into far of eyes,which spoke
aloud.In the night tide,
as the moon went by,there
was she,all alone,in the grey
background.Like the stars,
were her eyes,like roses were
her lips,into the darkness,
skin as fair as night,there she
was.And then i woke,into
the hard walls of this life,
feeling the heat and its high
and the bloody shanty room.
There i lay,left all alone,
there she was in the far of moon.

sometime we had thoughts
and sometime back i was there,
it was ninety nights from then on.
It has been ninety nights,
yet i live there in the past,
in another ninety i move on,
yet there she was in the far of moon.
here i am loon,singing
a song to the ninety lost nights.
here i am with the doubts of
life.Once it was sunnier and the
sky blue,now it is all
misted by those ninety moons.
Who cares about what lies
yet in between i cry,
To fill the gap,
i think of some suns
yet the ninety moons
haunt and hurt
in my dreams,still
ninety days away.
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